46.3% Votes

"Wish You Were Here"

Focus: Increase home equity balances with existing customers.

Momentum: We created a series of 3 postcards and mailed to targeted customers: those with mortgages and no home equity and those with home equity with significant available balances. The postcards were designed to look like “real” postcards sent from friends or family members, touting how a Hills Bank home equity made good things possible.

Result: 4,170% ROI worth $3.8 million in total response balances.



2nd Place

34.1% Votes

"We Grow Business"

Focus: Increase small business awareness along with deposit and loan volume.

Momentum: We created a campaign that started with a teaser, delivered testimonial ads and offered an enter to win for $5,000 in office equipment.  We identified well-known business customers in each market for the testimonials that answered the question "That's what I need from my bank."  Combining YouTube testimonial videos, print ads, targeted direct mail, insightful webinars, billboards, interactive microsite and an enter to win, the campaign created a buzz in the communities and heightened awareness of the small business capabilities.

Result: 2,180% ROI with $5.5 million in net new business checking deposits and $7.9M in new business loans.



3rd Place

19.5% Votes

"The Bank With Heart"

Focus: Decrease attrition while increasing awareness and market share.

Momentum: We created unique product packaging, defined the team's Customer Service Standards, implemented a "Winning Team" training program, and designed easy-to-use point of sale tools to help the team hold relevant conversations with the customers to better build a relationship.

Result: Attrition dropped from 31.74% prior to the program launch to 17.67% the next year. Market share increased in all markets. In the key market, LNB showed the largest market share gain (4.02%) when all but one competitor (2.65%) showed a decline.